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  • St. Augustine, 1660, Claude Mellan, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (article on interiority)
    Humanness and Emotions


    Interiority, a concept referring to the inner life of things, has been practiced and discussed since antiquity.

  • Heroic Landscape with Rainbow, 1824, Joseph Anton Koch, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (article on wholeness quotes)
    Humanness and Emotions

    Wholeness Quotes

    The following is a curated collection of our favorite wholeness quotes, definitions, and references.

  • Tahitian Landscape, 1892, Paul Gauguin, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (article on ho'oponopono)
    Therapy and Spirituality

    Ho’oponopono: Traditional Form, Modern Practice, and Benefits

    Loosely translated as “to make right, orderly, or correct,” ho’oponopono is a prayer-based healing practice that promotes forgiveness, healing both the self and others, problem solving, and conflict resolution.

  • Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash (article on meditation gardens)

    Zen and Meditation Gardens: Glimpses of Heaven on Earth

    Meditation gardens are consciously designed environments intended to provide a welcoming, quiet, and calm retreat from the chaotic modern world. These intimate, meditative spaces offer people a place to unwind, reflect, and more naturally access their senses, intuition, and inner being.

  • Flowers in a Vase, Philip van Kouwenbergh, c. 1700, Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington (article on Serenity Prayer)

    The Serenity Prayer

    “The Serenity Prayer... is a succinct and meaningful way of talking about acceptance and willingness when addressing difficult life circumstances.”

  • Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash (article on Zen buddhism), Pebbles in a pond

    Zen Buddhism

    Recently, Zen has become a catchphrase to describe calm, peaceful feelings. But Zen is more than a general approach to mindfulness. This ancient tradition involves distinct meditation practices and a unique way of viewing reality.

  • Unknown Artist, St. Francis of Assisi in Prayer, 17th century, The Art Institute of Chicago (article on prayer)
    Spirituality and Faith

    Prayer: Types, Practices, and Benefits

    From time immemorial, people have turned to a higher power in prayer. In some traditions, praying is an outward engagement with the divine. In others, this practice is a contemplative journey that seeks the divine within.

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