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The Gifts Beneath Your Anxiety

A Guide to Finding Inner Peace for Sensitive People

by Pat Longo

2019, Published by Citadel | 256 Pages
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Publisher Description

In these uncertain times, those who already suffer from anxiety are struggling more than most. But what if you could harness the power that lurked beneath your anxiety? Renowned spiritual healer and expert Pat Longo demonstrates the ways in which exploring the roots of our anxiety can help us discover the path toward healing and inner peace.
This validating and life-changing book is the perfect companion to Empath by Judy Dyer and The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff.

Are you overwhelmed with compassion for others’ pain?
Are you sometimes referred to by others as “too sensitive”?
You just might be an empath. And a few simple tools could change your life

As a spiritual healer and teacher to some of today’s most well-known empaths—including “Long Island Medium” Theresa Caputo—Pat Longo has found that many of the individuals who have come to her with anxiety and related symptoms possess a heightened sense of perception and an extreme level of intuition—absorbing the energies, thoughts, and feelings that surround them and even experiencing them as their own. What’s more, most of these individuals had no idea that they possess the abilities of an empath.
In Pat’s experience, just beneath what feels distressing can be something wonderful. In this illuminating book, Pat guides you to become aware of, care for, and protect your spiritual self and energy; discover, develop, and strengthen the powerful gifts within; and in doing so, to eliminate and prevent related anxiety and other symptoms.

Using simple exercises utilized in her own practice, plus instructive and inspiring case studies, Pat will show you how to:

*Understand what an empath really is and determine whether you are one
*Learn simple spiritual healing steps to care for your whole self—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
*Connect to your inner spiritual self and the power within
*Protect and ground yourself spiritually and energetically
*Forgive and let go of past hurts
*Raise your energetic vibration
*Become aware of and develop your intuitive abilities with focused activities such as meditations, visualizations, automatic writing, psychometry, and other exercises

In an increasingly anxious world, getting in touch with our deepest healing abilities and achieving inner peace is more important than ever. With this invaluable book as your tool kit, you begin your journey toward finding that peace, becoming aware of and caring for your spiritual self and gifts, and healing your life.

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