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The Promise of Wholeness

Cultivating Inner Peace, Mindfulness, and Love in a Divided World

by Eric Ehrke

2019, Published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers | 336 Pages
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Publisher Description

Henosis is the Greek word for oneness/unity. Since time immemorial this universal concept has been championed within traditional wisdom, ancient philosophy and theology. The psychoanalyst, Carl Jung referred our shared human experience with the phrase “collective unconscious,” while physicists use the term “quantum entanglement” to describe how every particle is inherently connected to the whole. The missing links between the wisdom of ancient philosophy and the startling insights within modern psychology to transform suffering, transcend circumstances, and increase our capacity for love are explored in The Promise of Wholeness.

Most philosophical studies of ancient wisdom lack practical applications, and many popular psychology books simply skim the surface of the human experience. Licensed clinical social worker and psychotherapist Eric Ehrke offers a new foundation for profound living based on classical teachings and enriched by modern scientific/psychological breakthroughs. The principles and values it takes to be happy and whole endure, but gentle makeovers are needed to modernize the message. Clinical examples from Eric Ehrke’s forty years of psychotherapy practice and personal stories from courageous individuals are included throughout the book. Emphasizing innovative teachings, and new critical exercises for infantile, childish, and adolescent stress responses, Ehrke offers powerful meditations and invaluable tools for bringing these concepts and strategies into everyday life. Here, eternal wisdom, sound psychological principles, and practical solutions come together in this handbook of consciousness; a truly helpful guide for anyone seeking lasting peace and well-being.

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