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  • A Venetian Family Portrait Group, after 1750, Pietro Antonio Novelli, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (article on Bowenian family therapy)
    Family Therapy

    Bowenian Family Therapy: History and Effectiveness

    Bowenian family therapy is a treatment approach for individuals and families to help heal problematic family templates of behavior that may have affected family relationships for generations.

  • Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash (article on attachment theory)

    Attachment Theory: Overview and Implications

    Attachment theory is a psychosocial explanation for human bonding. Attachment styles inform many social relationships, including romantic attachments, family relations, friendships, long-term partnerships, and even interactions with strangers.

  • Photo by Pexels - Pixabay (article on inner-child work)

    Inner-Child Work: Overview, Benefits, and Effectiveness

    Inner-child work, sometimes known as inner-child therapy or inner-child healing, is a therapeutic process used in many forms of therapy to help clients address and recover from harmful experiences that occurred in early childhood.

  • Photo of two people cycling and reaching for one another

    Couples Therapy

    Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy usually administered by licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFTs) and focused on strengthening romantic relationships.

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