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Inside This Moment

A Clinician's Guide to Promoting Radical Change Using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

by Kirk D. Strosahl, Patricia J. Robinson and Thomas Gustavsson

2015, Published by Context Press | 232 Pages
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Publisher Description

“A practical guide that presents a user-friendly approach to helping patients enact radical change and acceptance through mindfulness in their personal lives.”
Family Medicine 

In this breakthrough book, cofounder of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), Kirk Strosahl and two fellow ACT psychologists offer a brief, five-stage model to help you recognize, assess, and take advantage of the subtle shifts of awareness that occur during therapy to achieve the most effective intervention and successful treatment outcomes.

In therapy, it is essential for both clinicians and their clients to pay attention to each moment in-session as an opportunity to create change. In addition, clients must be willing to experience pain in the present moment in order to make lasting change and begin to live according to their values. But staying in the moment is harder than it sounds. Inside This Moment offers a powerful skill set for learning to live in the now—even when it hurts.

To help you and your client make the most of your time in treatment sessions, this book includes clinical examples of working with clients via self-related processes, and offers tips for what to do when faced with certain non-verbal and verbal client behaviors, such as:

  • looking away or down
  • body positioning
  • respiration rate
  • giving general answers to specific questions
  • changing the topic
  • forgetting what was asked
  • repeating oneself over and over
  • changes in rate of speech
  • voice volume

You’ll learn that you don’t need to go looking for radical change opportunities—but rather that the opportunities are transpiring right in front of you. This book will allow you to relax and trust in the power of the “now” in your therapy sessions.

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