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Anxiety, Nothing to Worry About

No Jargon, Comfortable, Easy Read Book for Teenagers, Adults and Counsellors Dealing with Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias

by Jeannie Philpott

2014, Published by Authorhouse | 104 Pages
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Inside you will find a simple no nonsense explanation of anxiety, with clear information allowing you to heal and rest. Giving you a real understanding of why you feel anxious. A calm path to recovery in everyday language. Releasing you from the restraints inside your head to positively be and do what you jolly well want to. Begin to feel normal and enjoy your life again, with freedom, peace of mind, and a sense of strength. No longer on your own with these feelings, you will have this supporting book full of healing to last a life time. Written by someone who has personally been there, experienced, studied, qualified and worked in the field of mental health, specialising in anxiety for several years.

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