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  • Photo by Yannic Laderach on Unsplash (Quotes on gratitude article)

    Quotes on Gratitude and Wonder

    The following are some of our favorite quotes on gratitude. They have been curated from some of our favorite books, articles, and teachers.

  • Photo by Motoki Tonn on Unsplash (article on meditation gardens)

    Zen and Meditation Gardens: Glimpses of Heaven on Earth

    Meditation gardens are consciously designed environments intended to provide a welcoming, quiet, and calm retreat from the chaotic modern world. These intimate, meditative spaces offer people a place to unwind, reflect, and more naturally access their senses, intuition, and inner being.

  • Anka Valenty on Shutterstock (article on meditation positions)

    On Meditation Positions and Posture

    Maintaining good posture is important in meditation, but the benefits of meditation can occur regardless of which of the meditation positions one chooses. There are a range of meditation positions, such as standing, lying down, kneeling, and walking.

  • Flowers in a Vase, Philip van Kouwenbergh, c. 1700, Courtesy National Gallery of Art, Washington (article on Serenity Prayer)

    The Elegant Simplicity of the Serenity Prayer

    “The Serenity Prayer... is a succinct and meaningful way of talking about acceptance and willingness when addressing difficult life circumstances.”

  • Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash (article on gratitude meditation)

    Gratitude Meditation and Similar Practices

    Although some people assume that gratitude meditation solely promotes appreciating the good things in life, a well-rounded gratitude practice also promotes discovering positive aspects of life’s challenges.

  • Abbott Handerson ThayeWinged Figure 1889, Art Institute of Chicago (article on forgiveness)
    Mindfulness and Presence

    On Practicing Forgiveness

    Forgiveness is a process of seeking peace and understanding for one’s own healing. By practicing forgiveness, individuals may shift their perspectives through a kinder and less rigid lens.

  • Meditation in desert By Patrick Schneider on Unsplash (article on acceptance quotes)

    40+ of Our Favorite Quotes on Acceptance

    Acceptance is the process of allowing things to be as they are without actively trying to change them. This article is a curated list of some of our favorite acceptance quotes.

  • Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash (article on self-acceptance)

    What Is Self-Acceptance and How Can You Practice It?

    True self-acceptance involves “seeing yourself as worthwhile, and valuable, because you exist, you are unique, with specific strengths and weaknesses” and “accepting yourself in spite of your achievements, flaws, and whether people approve of you or not.”

  • Titian Ramsay Peale, Spray of Flowers and Ferns, date unknown, National Gallery of Art (article on gratitude)

    On Gratitude and Being Grateful

    We often think of gratitude as the appreciation we show to another individual or individuals for something beneficial we receive from them, either tangible or not. However, gratitude can go beyond relationships with others and be defined as an appreciation for the positive elements in one’s life and even in the world.

  • Auguste Renoir The Blue River

    On Acceptance: To Accept What Is

    Acceptance is the process of allowing things to be as they are without actively trying to change them. Acceptance is a process, and life often provides different opportunities to practice it through the numerous and varied experiences we encounter.

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