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Wonder Seeker

52 Ways to Wake Up Your Creativity and Find Your Joy

by Andrea Scher

2021, Published by Harper Design | 208 Pages
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Publisher Description

Spark your sense of wonder and lift your spirits with this collection of fun, creative activities and ideas to help cultivate daily joy, illustrated with full-color photographs and watercolors.

Modern life makes us busier than ever, but we are somehow feeling more distracted, overwhelmed, disconnected, and lonely. Day-to-day stresses make us forget the simple joys that help us feel more vibrant and alive. For Andrea Scher, the antidote to the negativity and pessimism that threatens our well-being is in cultivating wonder—looking for the simple beauty and creative joy of everyday activities.

Do you remember the first time you saw a bright carpet of stars glittering in the night sky? When you found colorful bits of sea glass washed up on the wet sand of a sunny beach? When you first heard a favorite song or piece of music? Unfortunately, we start to lose this capacity for joy as we grow older. Before we know it, cynicism and anxiety replace the wonder of new experiences. But they don’t have to!

Wonder Seeker reminds us that no one is too busy (or too old) to experience daily gratitude and delight. Filled with 52 fun, easy, and incredibly creative prompts and activities, this guide to joy helps us to step out of our ordinary lives, even for just a moment or two each day, to witness the magic all around us.

Andrea provides simple practices that bridge creativity and mindfulness and allow the imagination to play. These activities can be done anywhere and can be enjoyed solo, or with friends, family, and even strangers. The fun activities and suggestions in Wonder Seeker include:

Taking a curiosity walk

Writing a banana love note to yourself or someone else

Arranging your world by color

Writing a paint chip poem.

Going cloudspotting

Hosting a bubble flash mob

Choosing a superhero name

And much, much more!

As Andrea makes clear, you don’t need to be an artist or consider yourself “creative.” All you need is an open heart and a clear intention to find wonder and awe. It will renew your creative spirit, remind you of the marvels around you, and make your soul sing. Reclaim your inner happiness—let Wonder Seeker show you how.

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