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The Trauma and Attachment-Aware Classroom

A Practical Guide to Supporting Children Who Have Encountered Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences

by Rebecca Brooks

2019, Published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers | 200 Pages
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Publisher Description

Trauma can have a significant impact on the stability of a child’s development and can put additional pressures on the education staff working with them.

Showing you how you can best support children who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, this guide is full of practical guidance on how you can adapt your teaching with this group.

Covering a range of issues a child may have, such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, pathological demand avoidance, attachment difficulties and many more, this book provides the trauma-informed tools you need to care for these children and to give the best possible opportunities from their education.

It also addresses the difference children may experience in learning, how they behave, how teachers can ensure home–school cooperation, and how teachers can act in a trauma-informed manner.

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