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The Solution To Social Anxiety

Break Free From The Shyness That Holds You Back

by Aziz Gazipura

2013, Published by Center for Social Confidence | 232 Pages
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The 3 Steps To Social Confidence

  1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE – The first step to self-confidence is having a self! When we struggle with social anxiety, we tend to focus on other people, hoping to please them and avoid their judgments. This first step is about becoming clear on what you think, feel, and perceive. It’s about realizing that your feelings matter and that who want is worth discovering and sharing with those around you.
  2. ACCEPT YOURSELF. ALL OF YOURSELF – The worst part about social anxiety is the consistent feeling that you somehow just aren’t quite good enough for people to truly like and love. This sense of inadequacy kills your confidence and makes friendships, relationships, and life in general challenging. The second step involves studying your inner critic, and learning how to treat yourself with compassion and respect. Doing so not only transforms how you feel, it causes others to respond to you quite differently.
  3. TAKE BOLD ACTION – While the first two steps are important in the process, step 3 is absolutely essential. In order to truly overcome social anxiety, we must be willing to take small steps in spite of our fears. We must take bold action in the world to see what responses we really get. We must be willing to face rejection, setback, and failure, because all of these are inevitable on your path towards success.
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