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Break Free of the Past, Realize Your Power, Live Beyond Your Story

by Nicky Clinch

2021, Published by Hay House Inc. | 259 Pages
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Publisher Description

Transformational coach Nicky Clinch shows readers how to break free from self-defeating patterns and step into their authentic power.

What if you need to breakdown before you can break through? Find authenticity, growth and freedom through letting go and coming home to your true self.

We all experience times of turmoil and stress. Perhaps your health isn’t as good as it was, or the relationships you find yourself in are creating more emotional pain for you than enjoyment. Maybe the job you’re in is filling you with dread and unfulfillment. Whatever you’re going through, Nicky Clinch can help you step out of that cycle of fear, panic and anxiety.

Alongside thought-provoking questions and practical journaling exercises, Nicky will remind you that in this world obsessed with ‘fixing’ things, there is a pathway towards healing waiting for you. She explains that it will not always be easy, but you have the power to dissolve your suffering, heal your life and live with true authenticity and freedom. Within these pages you will:

• Find out how to get off the ‘hamster wheel’ of emotional struggle you keep finding yourself on
• Discover your true state of being, in which you are united, connected, whole and one
• Embrace your essential nature and your beautiful, constantly growing mind, body, heart, soul and spirit
• Learn why the present is the only moment where authentic life can flow
• Grow, heal and transform your life so you can start living rather than just surviving

Come home to your authentic, radiant, empowered self and make this remarkable life of yours count. What are you waiting for? Freedom is calling.

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