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Stop Avoiding Stuff

25 Microskills to Face Your Fears and Do It Anyway

by Matthew S. Boone, Jennifer Gregg, Lisa W. Coyne

2020, Published by New Harbinger Publications | 192 Pages
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Publisher Description

Afraid? Do it anyway! The 25 microskills in this little book will help you stand up to your fears, so you can live the life you really want.

To fear is to be human. But fear can also keep us stuck living lives that are stale, stagnant, or downright miserable. Fear leads us down paths that feel more safe, but that deep down we know are wrong for us. The good news is that you can stand up to your fears and change your life for the better. If you’re ready to stop avoiding stuff and say yes to opportunity, the easy-to-implement strategies in this book will help you break the avoidance habits that have been keeping you in a rut.

Drawing on evidence-based acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), this accessible guide offers 25 microskills to help you face your fears so you can live a truly courageous and meaningful life. With this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why you avoid stuff
  • Tips to increase self-awareness in moments of fear
  • Strategies for untangling from distressing thoughts
  • How to hold the inevitable pain and discomfort of life lightly
  • Ways to connect with your values and take action

We are hardwired to avoid, control, and escape the stuff that makes us uncomfortable. But if you’re ready to stop living scared, the tips and tools in this little book will help you pivot back to what really matters to you.

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