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Mental Wellness

A holistic approach to mental health and healing. Natural remedies, foods, lifestyle strategies, therapies

by DK Publishing, Pat Thomas (Editor)

2021, Published by DK Publishing | 256 Pages
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Publisher Description

An authoritative guide on natural approaches to boost everyday mental wellness and provide extra support when you need it the most.

This mental wellness book helps you manage stressful periods as well as other biological factors that impact your mental wellbeing. You’ll learn how to boost and holistically balance your mental state using natural remedies.

Neal’s Yard Remedies: Mental Wellness is filled with holistic techniques, herbal remedies, essential oils, foods, exercise, lifestyle strategies, and therapies to empower you. This book offers:

• The most comprehensive compendium of natural remedies for mental wellness on the market
• Chapters on herbal remedies, aromatherapy, foods (including supplements), movement, and alternative therapies
• A Symptom Checker which you can explore symptoms and access solutions in the book, based on your current need – jitteriness; anxiety attacks; acute stress; grief; low mood, etc
• Approaches and information endorsed by Neal’s Yard Remedies, world leaders in natural, organic, holistic health.

Learn techniques and mantras for uplifting your mood

This beautiful, enlightening book explores how things like the environment, the seasons, hormonal shifts, sleep quality, and gut health can influence your mental health. Delve into how lifestyle choices can inhibit your mental health such as caffeine, alcohol, smoking, pollution, screen time, and isolation from the community.

This wellness guide offers uplifting and informed information on why you may experience stress and anxiety, providing you with reassurance and strategies to combat these feelings. Explore the science behind natural remedies and use this book as a reliable resource for advice on mindfulness, yoga, breathing exercises, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and reiki.

Expand your wellness collection

This series of wellness books explore natural, holistic remedies to boost physical and psychological health and help you find the best solutions for yourself! Other titles in this series include Neals Yard Remedies Essential Oils and Neal’s Yard Remedies Complete Wellness.

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