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Managing ADHD in School

The Best Evidence-Based Methods for Teachers

by Russell A. Barkley, Ph.D.

2016, Published by PESI Publishing & Media | 89 Pages
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Publisher Description

Dr. Russell Barkley, internationally respected expert on ADHD, draws on his 40 years of clinical work with thousands of students, teachers and schools to create a definitive resource for the most effective methods in overcoming impairments for children and teens with ADHD.

Managing ADHD in Schools details more than 100 evidence-based recommendations to help teachers and clinicians increase the success of children and teens with ADHD. This manual goes beyond the “what” to explain “why” the problems are likely occurring, followed up with the most effective interventions.

  • Classroom strategies for managing ADHD
  • Reward systems for good behavior
  • Downloadable assessment guide and report cards
  • Proven discipline methods
  • Medications and how they work
  • Tips for teen management
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