Essential Strategies for Social Anxiety

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Essential Strategies for Social Anxiety

Practical Techniques to Face Your Fears, Overcome Self-Doubt, and Thrive

by Alison McKleroy LMFT

2020, Published by Rockridge Press | 160 Pages
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Publisher Description

Embrace confidence–proven strategies to break free from social anxiety

Social connections are an integral part of a joyful life, yet when you’re held back by self-conscious thoughts and feelings, you can get stuck in a pattern of avoiding social situations. Essential Strategies for Social Anxiety provides you with an effective toolbox to face your fears and feel confident whether you’re having a conversation, interviewing for a job, or speaking publicly.

Drawing on a variety of practices–like CBT, ACT, and mindfulness–this guide not only teaches you all about social anxiety but also helps you employ actionable techniques to transform it. Learn to calm both body and mind, silence your inner critic, and restructure negative thoughts with practice dialogues, exposure exercises, meditation, and more.

Essential Strategies for Social Anxiety features:

  • Exercises for everyone–No matter how your social anxiety manifests, discover powerful ways to overcome it and connect with people in a more comfortable way.
  • Easy-to-follow advice–Each chapter covers a different approach to dealing with your social anxiety, with step-by-step exercises to get the results you want in your life.
  • Everyday examples–Get inspired by real-life anecdotes that demonstrate how these techniques have helped other people achieve breakthroughs in dealing with social anxiety.

Start down the path to confidence and joy in your social life with this easy-to-use guide.

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