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Animal Energy Therapy Project

One Woman's Journey Healing Animals Through Energy Work

by Anne-Frans Van Vliet

2020, Published by Running Dog Ranch Publishing | 128 Pages
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Publisher Description

This is a memoir of a woman who took solo journeys to conduct an explorative, observational research study in India with elephants, horses, goats and dogs using specific Animal Energy Therapy techniques such as sound, touch and smell.

In her story telling style, the author speaks about several individual animals that she worked with and closely observed during a length of time. Her interests lie in the integration of Animal Energy Therapy and the affects of individualized therapy for each, with regards to behavioral anxieties and traumas.

This book beautifully portrays:

  • The different personalities and characteristics of various animals and their behavioral abnormalities
  • The ability of a creating a deeper animal – human relationship and understanding as we evolve together
  • How we humans receive from giving more to animals
  • The positive effects of integrating Animal Energy Therapy in the daily lives of animals for both animal and human guardian
  • Observing animals in their own natural environment instead of a laboratory, and validating the positive changes and results gained through the integration of Eastern therapeutic practices into our Western world

This Insightful and wonderfully written story, educates and gently guides all of us to take a leap and integrate more deeply within our environment and the species that we co-habituate the planet with.

This is a calling for us as stewards to take action and stand for health, well-being and longevity of our environment and the species residing together.

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